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Email Opt-Out Requests Infographic #3

The email marketing industry is filled with reports and data about email performance and best practices for campaign optimization. However, there is one area of email performance that tends to be overlooked by many email marketers and is rarely included in industry statistics – unsubscribe activity. While marketers tend to look at their opt-out rate, many don’t look much deeper at their own opt-out statistics, let alone larger industry data sets.  

This year, OPTIZMO, the industry leader in email compliance and suppression list management technology has released a series of infographics that provide insights into email opt-out activity across the industry. The infographics are based on a sample data set of nearly 200 million email opt-out requests processed by the company over a 14-month period from February 2017 through April 2018. The goal of the series is to provide a more holistic view of opt-out activity compared to what has been publicly available to the industry in the past.

This is the third infographic in the series and it focuses on WHEN opt-out requests are received.  Statistics on the day of the week, hour of the day, and a few major holidays is included.

A few highlights

  • The least busy hour of the week for opt-out activity is Sunday from 2-3AM (EST).
  • The busiest opt-out activity day of the week is not connected to the days considered to be the best to send email.
  • The least busy opt-out day of the week is Saturday.

This is the 3rd and final infographics in the series. The previous infographics focused on WHERE opt-out requests came from (Geographically and by Email Platform) and WHAT type of technology was involved in those requests (Browsers, Devices, etc.).

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Infographic: Email Opt-Outs by Day & Time

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Infographic: “Email Opt-Outs by Day & Time”

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