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Suppression list management for
advertisers, networks and mailers

✓ Securely manage your suppression lists

✓ Maintain Global CAN-SPAM Compliance

✓ Safeguard your Brand Integrity.

Award Winning

Optizmo is a recognized steward of data privacy.

Adopted as best practice by many of the nation's leading Fortune 500 companies
and awarded the coveted Online Trust Alliance
Honor Roll every year for the past several years.

Secure. Reliable. Global.

✓ Robust infrastructure

✓ Intensive vulnerability and penetration testing

✓ Top-tier service level agreements (SLA’s)

✓ Meeting or exceeding the security risk assessments of even the most stringent
InfoSec requirements in the digital marketing arena.

What We Do

Suppression List Management System

Optizmo is an Enterprise Class Solution for automating suppression list management and streamlining all of your subscriber's Opt-Out preferences. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Optizmo enhances security, visibility, collection, and distribution of your organization's private consumer data.

What Sets Us Apart

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface & Automated Workflow

OPTIZMO streamlined approach to UI development helps you save time & money by automating data transfers, alert notifications & messaging, list distribution, and much more.

Securely Manage 3rd Party Access to Your Lists

With enhanced security, visibility, and control of how 3rd parties interact with your data, OPTIZMO provides all of the tools needed to mitigate risk and avoid costly suppression list abuse issues.

Daily Alert Digests for Monitoring Compliance

Knowing how your affiliate partners impact your brand reputation, adhere to compliance guidelines, and put your company at risk is the transparency your company needs.

Powerful Analytics for Mailers & Campaigns

OPTIZMO delivers the industry’s most robust analytical data platform built around the relational hierarchy of Suppression Lists, Email Campaigns, & Affiliate Mailers for complete visibility.

Data Synchronization & List Linking via OPTiSync

Hosting the largest number of Advertisers, Networks, Agencies, and Integration Partners in our space, OPTIZMO allows you to link lists and synchronize data instantly across multiple partners.

MD5 Encryption & Campaign List Seeding

OPTIZMO supports all industry leading encryption and security methods to prevent Suppression List Abuse, which is still the most common CAN-SPAM violation & fined at $16k per email.


Clients & Partners

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Email Compliance

It's the Law

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 establishes standards for the sending of commercial e-mail and requires the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce its provisions. One of it's requirements is that you cannot send a marketing email to a user who has previously unsubscribed.


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