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Since our founding in 2009, we have earned a reputation in the digital marketing industry for having a truly exceptional team that always puts our clients first, identifying ways to help each client and partner leverage our innovative products and services, and being a go-to resource for everything around email and SMS suppression list management, email compliance, and opt-out collection, storage, distribution and data analysis. Interested in learning more about careers with OPTIZMO? Read on…

The OPTIZMO team has been built by hiring very deliberately, identifying people who are not only smart, motivated self-starters, but are also dedicated to each other’s success. We encourage and expect people to grow in their positions and careers, take ownership of their role within the company, and help the organization evolve, innovate, and grow. We enjoy working together and that camaraderie is apparent to our clients and partners and helps us build deep and long-lasting relationships throughout our industry.

OPTIZMO has always embraced the idea of having a distributed team, with people located across the United States and Australia. Many of our career opportunities are not tied to living in any particular location, enabling us to find the best and brightest team members and then empowering them to work remotely, where they want to live.

If this all sounds like the kind of environment where you would thrive, take a look at our current career opportunities below.  But first, check out this video of the OPTIZMO team and some of our great partners and friends in the industry to help you get to know us just a bit better.

A Great Place to Work

As we’ve built over the years OPTIZMO, we have focused on creating a truly unique culture. You can see a lot of it come through in our videos, which really show how our team interacts with each other, our clients, and partners. We are all dedicated to the company’s continued success, which means we all have. strong work ethic, but work is so much more fun when you enjoy the folks you work with.

Basically, we think OPTIZMO is a pretty great place to work. But, don’t just take our word for it. We are a certified Great Place to Work! You can read our company profile on the GP2W website to learn a bit more.

Great Place to Work Certification

Opportunities with OPTIZMO

Check out some current opportunities to work with the OPTIZMO team. 

Senior CX Strategist

OPTIZMO Technologies is an ever-evolving, boutique SaaS provider of Email and SMS Compliance technologies within the performance marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing industries.

Focused on delivering innovative marketing and data intelligence through the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive consumer data through an ecosystem of digital networking and channel partners.

OPTIZMO clients and users range from large brand advertisers, affiliate networks, and advertising agencies, to affiliates, publishers, and publishing groups, from Fortune 500 companies to the SMB market.

Job Description:

OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC is a boutique provider of web-based SaaS applications for Email Compliance, Email List Data Management, and Data Analytics & Attribute Software.  OPTIZMO’s current marquis product, SUPPRESS, sets the industry standard for Suppression List Management and Email Compliance and OPTIZMO is actively developing and preparing to roll-out multiple new product applications globally with a current client roster of over 500 clients, including F500/F1000 Brand Advertisers, Ad Agencies, Performance Networks, and SMB clients. 

As a Senior CX Strategist for OPTIZMO Technologies, you’ll need to:
  • Identify ideal customer profiles and map customer journeys to identify gaps in the customer experience across all touchpoints, for all kinds of customer interactions, transactions and engagements – from purchase to customer support.
  • Liaise with internal teams such as marketing, sales, product development, account management, billing, finance, along with your own UX research and design to ensure customer fulfillment.
  • Regularly communicate with internal stakeholders such as client services and other customer-facing teams to identify product gaps and opportunities, if any, in both, the brand and user experience, respectively.
  • Create awareness wherever the business processes (eg: billing, provisioning, pre/post sale, support, client services, etc) require correction to ensure the customer has a positive experience with the company.
  • Ensure the CX strategies are aligned to the larger marketing and business goals and outcomes
  • Ensure necessary UX research is performed and documented to support design ideation and overarching CX strategies.
  • Collect, track and analyze customer feedback and suggest improvements internally based on the insights gathered – help measure metrics such as NPS to gauge how the brand is performing on both UX and CX performance parameters
  • Work with the product council to ensure a seamless brand and buying experience with all facets of OPTIZMO’s technology (client facing website(s), self-service applications, etc)
  • Lead cross-functional projects to uncover customer’s and end-user’s drivers, pain points, and unmet needs.
Additional expectations include:
  • Facilitate working sessions to explore new solutions and bring Design Thinking methodology and mindset to everything you do. 
  • Balance the voice of the consumer with the direction of the company to challenge the status quo in the context of innovation and streamlining efficiencies.
  • The use of well-documented data and research to inform strategies that connect the builders (developers) with the buyers (customers).
  • Working knowledge of lean, agile, design thinking to initiate, groom, and plan work.
    • This may include workshop or sprint planning, owning the end to end execution of a sprint(s) (pre-work, sprint facilitation/lead, post sprint read-outs/next steps) as it relates to research and design.
  • Ability to work independently to create deliverables such as journey maps (current & future), service blueprints, executive presentations, and any documentation required to facilitate cross-departmental alignment of teams.
  • Bringing together various data sources to understand customer and end-user friction points, motivations, needs, goals, desires, etc and uncover the “why” behind the requests.
  • Documentation/refinement of data-based enterprise personas of target customers to build empathy, create context, and help teams create positive experiences, internally/cross-departmentally as a team and externally with OPTIZMO users.
  • Documentation of current and future customer journeys, identifying key activities, touchpoints, emotions, supporting data, and opportunities
  • Creating and explaining compelling stories at every stage of the process to engage stakeholders, articulate goals and tactics, and bring CX to life within the organization.
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal form. Capability to communicate complex ideas effectively and create context when and where it is lacking.
  • The ability to synthesize disparate information to unlock relevant insights
  • Effectively facilitate virtual working sessions with cross-functional, global groups (US & Australia)
  • Empathize with business owners and partners and grasp context (goals, timelines, constraints, etc.) to reframe business challenges as customer-centric, yet remaining company-focused.
    • (eg: Not everything that a customer claims to want or need, makes business sense or benefits the business or the company’s role within the value chain/industry)
  • Storyboard and visualize concepts to effectively align mental models.
  • Relevant experience, and proven track record in deploying technology programs to drive business value (customer experience, technical development, procurement, fulfillment, etc.) 
  • Proven and successful experience crafting strategic roadmaps, leading to the development of comprehensive strategies that contribute to the improvement of business performance.
  • Demonstrated ability to use digital analytics, customer feedback, user experience research, and other qualitative and quantitative metrics to inform product planning and prioritization.
  • Progressive experience in practicing, leading, and influencing human centered design methodologies at scale in a fast-paced, evolving technical environment.
  • MUST BE self-motivated, proactive, a person who takes initiative, and possess exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • Must have the ability to make strong, lasting, and meaningful connections with others, which will aid in the execution of duties in this highly collaborative role.
This role requires the ability and drive to work semi-autonomously in a remote environment, working closely with teams located in both the US and Australia.  
OPTIZMO’s Senior CX Strategist will be a “Do-er”, not a delegator.  This individual will liaise with sales, marketing, technical teams, and product council, as needed to drive quantifiable success metrics of varying service and support initiatives that continuously push the company forward. 

Ready to Join a Great Team? 

If any of these opportunities seem like a great fit for you, we would love to hear from you! In the meantime, how about one more quick video that’ll help you get to know our fearless leader, Khris Thayer? (CEO, Co-Founder, Lead Singer, Boat Driver, and Dedicated Dad).

World-Wide Client Support

At OPTIZMO, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding support for all our clients. We can confidently say that no other company in the industry provides the level of dedication, support, and service we deliver to every client.