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Thought Leadership from OPTIZMO

As leaders in the suppression list management arena, we like to share insights from our expertise across topics within the opt-out ecosystem. On this page, you’ll find links to infographics, research, and reports based on information we’ve gathered since our founding in 2009.

Email Opt-Out Requests Infographic #1

While there are any number of reports and infographics available that focus on email marketing, few if any have ever provided a holistic view of Opt-Out activity. This infographic delivers a geographic breakdown of Opt-Outs processed by the company across major global regions, as well as the top 10 countries. It also includes a look at the email platforms that show up most frequently in opt-out requests.

Email Opt-Out Requests Infographic #2

OPTIZMO’s new infographic series delivers a breakdown of Opt-Outs by activity across devices, browsers, and operating systems. In addition, it includes some interesting facts pulled from each data set, such as the fact that gaming systems now account for a small percentage of email Opt-Out requests. This is the second in our 2018 infographic series.



Email Opt-Out Requests Infographic #3

The third and final infographic in our 2018 Email Opt-Out Requests series looks at WHEN Opt-Out requests are received (day of the week, hour of the day, etc.). While Opt-Out activity is clearly tied to the date/time email campaigns are sent, it can be instructive to look at Opt-Out trends on their own.  This is the final infographic in the 2018 series.