Industry Leading Data Security

The security of our clients’ data is at the core of everything we do.

Data Security and privacy are vital for every company, in any industry. Data security has also received increased public attention in the past few years, with new privacy regulations, more focus on data breaches and the ways that customer data is shared between different companies.

Information Security has always been one of the foundational principles underlying OPTIZMO’s technology platform and the way we operate our business. We take our role as the steward of our client’s data extremely seriously and continuously support our clients’ efforts to maintain the highest level of data security.

Creating a new industry security standard with the ways the OPTIZMO platform interacts with our clients’ data. 

Our focus on Information Security has led us to work with some of the largest brands and advertisers in the world, where  the security of their data is mission critical for their business operations. 

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

OPTIZMO data Security Practices

Data security is built into everything we do. Our products are designed, built, verified and continuously monitored for security. We safeguard the access to and transmission of client data using encryption in transit, as well as automated vulnerability checks at the network, infrastructure and other levels.

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SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Security Operations & Incident Response

Our security team takes a holistic approach to security with our ingrained Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program. Our security incident management practices resolve incidents quickly and transparently, with real-time status updates. We follow a robust operational security program and train our teams on secure software development practices to prevent security incidents.

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SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Security Assessments

Since we work with many large brands and other security-focused organizations, we regularly participate in security assessments. To streamline this process with new clients and partners, we work with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to make our Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) publicly available.

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OPTIZMO Data Security Practices

Data Security is built into the foundation of every OPTIZMO product. We take our responsibility as stewards of our clients’ data seriously and make the security of that data a core principle of our company.