Managed Services

Let our team take on more of the heavy lifting with our suite of managed services.

As OPTIZMO has grown, we have focused on delivering an easy-to-use technology platform that empowers our clients to easily manage and automate the collection, storage, and distribution of their Suppression Files and Opt-Out Links to ensure email and SMS marketing compliance. Along with our industry leading technology, we have also dedicated ourselves to delivering truly exceptional support and service to all of our clients. As a part of that mission, we provide several products and features on a Managed Service basis, where our team takes on more management of the process, making it even easier for our clients to drive the most value from all of our products.  


The industry’s most flexible file comparison solution. Do you need to run a merge/purge on two or more email files — either in-house or comparing against various 3rd party data sources? OPTIZMO makes the entire process easy and cost effective.

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OPTIZMO provides clients with the ability to purchase and manage multiple Domains and IP Addresses all within the platform. This feature delivers enhanced control over Mailers’ use of various Opt-Out Domains and IPs, without requiring the extra steps of working with outside domain registrars.

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