Making Compliance Easy

OPTIZMO™ provides Mailers with streamlined and centralized access to the suppression lists and Opt-Out links they need to run compliant email campaigns.

Access Unique Opt-Out Links for Each Campaign

Mailers can easily access a unique Opt-Out link for each campaign they are approved for, specific to the combination of advertiser, campaign, and Opt-Out list. For Mailers running multiple campaigns across multiple advertisers, having efficient and consolidated access to each Opt-Out link they need is key to scalable and effective email deployment.

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Download Opt-Out Lists Easily

Suppression lists for each campaign can be easily downloaded as plain text, or in MD5 hash. Advertisers upload their various suppression files and make them readily available for Mailers to access on the OPTIZMO platform.

Easily Cleanse your Lists Before Mailing: Fast, Free, and Secure!

OPTIZMO provides a simple tool that enables Mailers to upload their own list to scrub against the particular campaign’s suppression list(s) and return a list of usable email addresses. Mailer lists are not stored in the OPTIZMO system, and never shared with anyone else, including the Advertiser. They are simply used for the scrubbing process and returned to the Mailer, ensuring the Mailer’s proprietary email list data remains secure. This feature is also available via our Mailer API, for further automation of daily workflows.

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Mailer API

OPTIZMO allows Mailers to automate suppression file downloads and better streamline email campaign deployment. The API removes the necessity for the Mailer to access the OPTIZMO system manually to download files or scrub their lists, helping to take their workflows to peak efficiency.

Stop worrying about email compliance.

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