Client Testimonials

What do people have to say about working with OPTIZMO™?

Matt Frary – Chief of Chaos, SmarterChaos

Jillian Zerwas – Vice President of Sales, Blue Global Media
“When we first sought a company to help manage Blue Global’s compliance, OPTIZMO came highly recommended throughout the industry. After using the technology and getting to know the team, it was clear we were in the best of hands. Not only is the platform efficient and “dummy-proof”, Khris and the team take things to the next level with excellent personality and availability. An intelligent, creative, hilarious and easy-going team, we definitely are looking forward to many years of successful partnership!”

Nino Gentry – Marketing Specialist, Citrix Online
“We use OPTIZMO for CAN-SPAM compliance and suppression list management because of the control that we have over our data. The flexibility to manage various suppression lists makes our marketing more efficient.”

Carlos Ealdama – Online Marketing Management,
“I have nothing but great things to say about OPTIZMO! We started utilizing their platform as a solution to securely and effectively manage and automate our suppression lists- especially for the new websites we have recently added to our online dating network. OPTIZMO’s flexible and scalable interface, consisting of excellent opt-out analytics and detailed reporting help make a significant difference in the way we monitor and manage our email marketing campaigns. OPTIZMO also ensures that our email campaigns maintain CAN-SPAM compliance, which is also extremely important to us. I recommend Optizmo as a suppression list management solution for your business, and I do hope to continue working with them in the future.”

Natalie Macielewicz – Strategic Partner Manager, Digital Target Marketing
“The beauty of OPTIZMO is that we can track sub-id’s to an infinite level and instantaneously merge, group, and append data in one seamless user-centric click of a button, while tracking analytics and continuity through all partner channels all the way back to the source.”

Michelle Attilio – Senior Email Specialist, EducationDynamics
“Khris and the OPTIZMO Team have shown me that there is a great company in existence that actually cares about the needs of their customers. The OPTIZMO platform has done wonders for our suppression list management process, helping us move from a confusing and time consuming one to a very easy and painless one. They constantly improve their system for the better, taking our needs into consideration when they do so. They have been innovative, incredibly helpful, and a complete pleasure to work with! I have had a fantastic experience thus far working with Khris and OPTIZMO and highly recommend them!”

Wendy Huffman – Director of Email Marketing, Leadnomics
“Suppression files aren’t getting any smaller. Thankfully, Khris, and his team at OPTIZMO, have successfully tackled a major hurdle in opt-out management: download speed. As an emailer, and an employee for an affiliate network, I am happy to say that downloads lasting more than a few seconds are a thing of the past thanks to the OPTIZMO platform. I’ve chosen to work with Khris and OPTIZMO on two occasions and can say nothing but good things about their current platform and commitment to ongoing feature development.”

Sal Tripi – AVP Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House
“I have been doing business with Khris and the OPTIZMO team for for almost 10 years now. During that time I have been quite impressed with the quality of solutions that Khris brought to the table. Equally as important and noteworthy is the manner in which Khris and the team manage the relationship. I have found Khris to be a trustworthy, ethical business man that truly understands the value and meaning of win/win.”

Ryan Shay – Director of Affiliate Marketing, Apollo Interactive
“OPTIZMO has proved to be an invaluable partner for maintaining compliancy in regard to our marketing practices. Their clear, concise platform makes it easy to monitor our campaigns and maintain brand safety. Coupled with their exceptional account management, OPTIZMO is a must for any advertiser or brand looking to expand into the email marketing channel.”

Cari Hartman – VP, AdNet
I have worked closely with Khris and the OPTIZMO team to build a partnership between two companies who provide complementary compliance services to advertisers. It’s been a mutually beneficial undertaking and a very positive experience, to say the least.

Often, amidst the detailed complexities and imperfections behind online advertising technology, loosely defined partnerships and biz dev deals get muddled, stalled, or quickly become one-sided and fall apart.

Of course, this has not been the case with Khris and the team he leads at OPTIZMO! He has personally been amazing and lightning fast at delivering on his promises. In addition, he provides an exceptional service that I am proud to recommend to my clients and those in my business network.

Peter Klein – President and Founder, AdMediary
“Admediary relies on OPTIZMO as its best of breed compliance tool for suppression file management. We take CAN-SPAM law seriously as we are a group of long time veterans in the online marketing industry. We leave nothing to chance, and leveraging a superior and easy-to-use technology like OPTIZMO makes our job that much easier. It is worth every penny of investment for the comfort and confidence it provides when we work with any type of email campaign – be it our own lists or that of a brand name advertiser.”

Susannah Rayburn, General Manager, Diablo Media
“OPTIZMO is the leader when it comes to suppression list management. Through impressive technology, the user-friendly platform makes it simple to share suppression lists with all relevant parties, as well as easily access records of compliance. We work with many different types of companies and are always relieved when our partners also work with OPTIZMO because that tells us that they are as serious about CAN-SPAM compliance as we are. Our lives are simplified and less stressed knowing that Optizmo is handling our suppression lists.” 

Pat Avery – Chief Operations Officer,
“Working with Khris, Jake, and the OPTIZMO team has been great. Their technology for suppression list management and compliance is by far the best I’ve ever seen. What has really made the relationship great is the awesome customer service that Khris and his team has provided day in and out.”

Connor Christensen – Marketing Data Analyst, Clear Compass Digital Group
“The OPTIZMO Platform has been very effective in maintaining a high level of excellence with respect to our suppression list management. The system has been a key element in keeping updated and secure with our e-mail compliance regulations. The customer support is tantamount to the user experience in providing superb assistance and outstanding customer support if needed.”

Steve Howe – CEO, Convert 2 Media
“OPTZIMO’s seamless integration and powerful technology has allowed us to scale our email marketing distribution efforts.”

C. Megan Towe – Publisher Development Manager, LiveIntent
“The OPTIZMO team has been a joy to work with at LiveIntent. Anytime we have a question, they have responded quickly and always follow up to make sure everything is working properly. The OPTIZMO product has been a huge timesaver and has helped me stay organized. I’d recommend OPTIZMO to anyone!”

Nathan Rodriguez – Compliance Director, RevenueAds
“After using several providers for suppression management, OPTIZMO by far surpasses the competition. The ease-of-use with their interface combined with top customer support enabled us to reduce time spent with suppression management. The team at OPTIZMO is truly dedicated to providing the best service possible. With a personal approach and understanding of our company’s needs, there is no other choice that can match the service provided by OPTIZMO.”

Nicholas Podrasky – Internet Marketing, Affiliate Program Development
“Jake has been our go-to guy whenever we’re setting up OPTIZMO for one of our clients. His responsiveness, knowledge, and friendly patience for whatever issues or questions we may have are always appreciated. There is more than one provider in the space, but our experience with Jake is what brings up back each time.”

Sam Prokop – Founder and CEO – HitPath