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Grab your coffee and settle in for this episode of ComplianceCast, where we dive deep into the world of email compliance, digital marketing, and add a healthy dose of OPTIZMO humor for good measure. In this installment from our Affiliate Summit West 2024 series, we’re thrilled to have Gayla Huber join us for a chat. Gayla is not only the President of Integrishield but also a proud member of LinkUnite

Whether you’re curious about Gayla’s tips on the best and worst of Vegas or keen on the future of compliance and affiliate marketing, this episode is right up your alley. The 2024 version of the ComplianceCast includes a mix of rapid-fire questions, industry insights, and some candid predictions about the industry’s future.

In this video, Gayla Huber shares her insider views on the challenges and opportunities for small businesses, the irreplaceable value of human oversight in AI, and a sneak peek into some projects and collaborations in 2024.

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