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Straight out of our ComplianceCast Series, we’re happy to bring you a new addition to our Video Library; ComplianceCast Clips. These bite-sized clips are a focused look at key subjects in our recent panel interview with Madrivo and Everflow straight out of Affiliate Summit West 2024. We created these in the hopes that if you weren’t able to watch the full 46-minute conversation (which, to be fair, is a bit long) you’ll be able to browse the topics we covered and check out the ones that look the most interesting. We covered a LOT of topics, so there will be multiple Clips videos to watch in the weeks ahead. 

In this first bite-sized clip, we tackle the changing bulk mailer requirements brewed up by Gmail and Yahoo! to kick off 2024 and the implications for mailers large and small.

We chat about the changes to the one-click unsubscribe requirement and how companies are adapting to these changes from a technology and strategy standpoint. We also chat about how each of our own companies is handling it, from all angles. 

But you know us, it’s not all serious business and we still have some fun, tossing around some laughs and real-talk about email with our friends and partners Sarah Miller, VP of Operations at Madrivo, and Sam Darawish, CEO and Co-founder of Everflow.

So, if all that sounds interesting, this video has your name written all over it. Get the inside scoop and check out our first Clip now!

If you’d like to check out the full episode for a deeper dive into email compliance, affiliate marketing, and all things ASE, you can Watch the Full Panel Here

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