Collect. Store. Distribute. Automate.

At OPTIZMO™ we create robust solutions for email marketers focused on email compliance.

Our core products revolve around the collection, storage, processing, and distribution of suppression lists. Today, these capabilities are bundled under two distinct product solutions — SUPPRESS and SMS SUPPRESS. Each solution provides users with unique feature sets specific to a variety of use-cases. We have also developed other products focused on merge/purge processing and a suite of tools for email marketers.


SUPPRESS, powered by OPTIZMO, sits at the core of our product suite. SUPPRESS allows users to securely collect, store, and distribute email suppression lists while automating opt-out preferences and generating unsubscribe links. This solution also offers features that empower clients to control the distribution of email creatives, and automatically monitor mailer activity.

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SMS SUPPRESS is a version of SUPPRESS designed to collect and distribute SMS based Opt-Out and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists to and from 3rd party partners in the same way as OPTIZMO’s platform manages email suppression lists. Upload SMS data, create automated transfers, and distribute to your affiliate marketing partners.

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The industry’s most flexible file comparison solution. Do you need to run a merge/purge on two or more email files — either in-house or comparing against various 3rd party data sources? OPTIZMO makes the entire process easy and cost effective.

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Mailer Tools

OPTIZMO provides Mailers with easy access to all necessary suppression files and opt-out links to run compliant campaigns and can also provide approved creatives and other campaign info from the Advertiser.

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