The Industry’s Most Flexible Email Merge/Purge Solution

COMPARE, powered by OPTIZMO, provides a fast, secure, and simple platform for running a merge/purge on multiple email lists and removing duplicate records.

Do you need to compare and dedupe two or more email files — either house-files or running a merge/purge against various 3rd party data sources? It’s a common challenge, especially for companies that leverage various types of email programs and 3rd party media buys.

Other enterprise level merge/purge solutions on the market (like Acxiom and Experian) can be very expensive and effort-intensive for clients and typically take 4-5 business days to deliver results.

COMPARE and the OPTIZMO team make the entire process easy and cost-effective for clients of all sizes – with either straightforward 1-to-1 or more complex 1-to-many merge/purge requirements. Speed and cost effectiveness are two key elements that make COMPARE the best solution for many companies.

Talk to us about how COMPARE can save you time and money and improve email compliance.

How does COMPARE work?

Advertisers/clients upload their list(s) for the merge/purge into OPTIZMO’s COMPARE platform in one of the available files formats.

OPTIZMO verifies the upload and provides a unique and secure link to any 3rd parties to upload their files for the comparison process.

COMPARE runs the merge/purge, identifying duplicates and delivering a deduped file of mailable addresses and a list of duplicates.

Your OPTIZMO account manager provides the results of the merge/purge and confirms that all uploaded lists have been deleted.

COMPARE Features

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Technology Infrastructure

COMPARE is built on OPTIZMO’s industry leading technology infrastructure, offering both blazing processing speed and advanced data security.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Managed Service Solution

The OPTIZMO team oversees the entire process, ensuring everything runs smoothly, interacting with all involved parties and maintaining list privacy and security.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Internal & External Lists

Compare multiple in-house lists or compare lists with 3rd party sources in just a few easy steps. Identify and remove duplicate data instantly and on-demand.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Independent & Neutral Platform

Keep your data completely private and separated from 3rd party channel partners. COMPARE protects both parties’ lists within a neutral, centralized environment while allowing both parties to see only the duplicate data that exists between them.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Fast & Efficient Functionality

The OPTIZMO platform has become synonymous with speed. COMPARE is the fastest on-demand merge/purge solution available, with instant rendering of uploaded files and processing speeds exceeding 2 million records in less than 2 seconds.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Security & Robust Infrastructure

COMPARE is built on OPTIZMO’s world-class data center infrastructure and security protocols, providing industry leading security and SLAs to all clients. All uploaded files are deleted after processing, ensuring data privacy and security.