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Spring has arrived, and that means the halfway point of the year is just around the corner. We’re thrilled that 2022 continues to return the world back to normal in many ways. As of late March, we’ve already attended four in-person conferences, with plenty more on the calendar for the rest of the year. Along with being able to meet people in the real world, it has also let us jump back into our video interview series with both feet. We’re already up to ComplianceCast Episode 4 in our new video series for 2022! Give the latest episode a watch to see more of our conversations from Lead Generation World and MailCon, with a focus on how the past year has impacted people personally and professionally. 

We’ve all learned a lot about our businesses, industry, and ourselves personally since the beginning of the pandemic, so check out some of the lessons our clients and partners took from the past couple of years of working from home and evolving their businesses.

In ComplianceCast Episode 4, we chatted with industry pros, including Cari Hartman, Kim White, Wade Schlosser, and Ross Moore, to record these videos, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did recording them! We have more videos to come in the weeks ahead and then we’re looking forward to recording more footage as we head out to more events this year, like Affiliate Summit EastAffiliate Grand Slam, and Traffic & Conversion, among others. 

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