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2022 keeps on rolling, and we’re back with another episode in our new video series – the ComplianceCast! Check out some conversations with a number of digital, affiliate, and email marketing experts as we discuss the past, present, and future of email marketing. 

Spoiler Alert! Email marketing is most definitely not dead or dying. In fact, the channel has never been more powerful or effective, according to the folks we spoke with. As the industry has matured, a consistent focus on compliance and best practices has made the channel more popular with brands in every industry and a core part of a successful marketing strategy for many companies. 

We had a blast sitting down with industry pros, including Cari Hartman, Kim White, Wade Schlosser, and Ross Moore, to record these videos, and we hope you enjoy them as well. Stay tuned for more videos from the first events of 2022 and expect more interviews and footage to come as we head out to more events this year, like Affiliate Summit East, Affiliate Grand Slam, and Traffic & Conversion, among others. 

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