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Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the ways that businesses interact with a client base and establish a clear brand identity to the digital world. Hypothetically, the possibilities of social media to drive business are as limitless as the creative drive and growth capabilities of the company.

The problem is that some companies don’t fully use social media to their advantage, and some others that do fail to fully connect with the consumer and establish a unique public identity digitally. Merging email marketing lists with social media initiatives can be a great way to streamline public relations, but also can be used to draw users between the communications. The following points suggest ways that businesses can effectively develop a consistency of branding across digital mediums.

Social networking
Facebook and Twitter allow users to post data, texts, hyperlinks, photos and other digital media in real time. Businesses can benefit from these networking sites to reach out to new customers and show the business world what sets that brand apart from competitors. Email list management should not only involve contact upkeep, but can also consider the best ways to get content across to readers.

Social media is useful because it favors brevity and a multimedia aspect. The opportunities to document work environment as well as showcase products and services visually may help to create a “personal” relationship between the client and company.  Most users expect daily updates update a social media sites, so companies can reach out to potential clients every day. Communications can be streamlined with applications such as Tweet Deck, which syncs posting between the two sites, simplifying management.

Connecting to email
Social media can also offer some type of reward for users who sign up for email lists. With the popularity of smartphones, this merging can ensure that current and prospective clients receive different kinds of updates, but these are likely to succeed best if both exist under the same “umbrella,” that is the clear and memorable promotion initiative. The email also can direct users to the company’s social media sites, allowing a flawless exchange.

Companies should not automatically add user emails from social media sites, as unwanted emails violate several laws, particularly the CAN-SPAM act. Email list cleansing should be enforced to ensure that communications are in compliance with legal standards.

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