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By Tom Wozniak, Head of Marketing – published on on 2/4/21

Email marketers are highly focused on campaign performance. As what was arguably the first digital performance marketing channel, email marketing has a long and well-established tradition as an effective marketing strategy. So, email marketers are already well-versed in evaluating performance metrics and identifying ways to optimize future campaigns. 

However, they don’t always consider email compliance and various email industry best practices to be part of performance optimization. Instead, they’re sometimes viewed as foundational necessities to ensure the longevity of an email marketing program, but not areas that should be regularly evaluated and considered as a way to drive better performance. 

While many of these practices (particularly compliance) are must-have components of your email program, they can also play a dynamic role in your optimization strategies and initiatives. Below are three elements of email compliance and overall best practices that can yield tremendous value if you also look at them through the lens of improving recipient engagement and response. 

Look For Trends In Your Opt-Outs

I wrote about the value of a close analysis of your negative marketing signals in a previous article, and one key area to evaluate is your opt-out requests. It’s not uncommon for email marketers to think of those recipients who have opted out of future campaigns as contacts that should simply be added to a suppression list and forgotten about. Why would a marketer want to spend time thinking about people they aren’t allowed to market to anymore? While that’s an understandable response, it also precludes you from learning from those unsubscribe requests. Marketers are happy to measure audience engagement across a wide variety of metrics and tactics, but when the engagement in question is negative (i.e., they’re asking you to stop emailing them), marketers don’t always delve into the details.

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Tom Wozniak heads up Marketing and Communications for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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