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It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that the OPTIZMO team has fun when we hang out together. But, since we have team members across three U.S. states, it’s not often that we all get to see each other in one place. This makes our annual U.S. team retreat one of the highlights of the year for our crew. We’ve been doing this for the past few years (not including 2020 for obvious reasons) and it never fails to be an absolute blast. 

This year, every member of the team and a guest headed down to TX for a long weekend of sun, warm weather (thankfully, it was only around 95 every day), and lots of time in the water on Lake Travis. I’m not sure what we were thinking having our videographer record the event for posterity, but you can get an idea of what we were up to in this highlights video. Enjoy!   


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