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The ComplianceCast is back in 2023 and Matt Frary from The Partner Agency kicks off the first episode with some insight on what’s going on in Affiliate Marketing!

Matt was actually one of our first video interview participants, way back in 2020! A lot has changed for both Matt and the industry at large since then. With a history of over 24 years in the industry, Matt is excited to be back with his new company The Partner Agency. We talk about current challenges in the space, starting with companies wanting to go global.

“I think everyone wants to go global, but a big problem with global is data protection, data privacy, GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). People are a little nervous about expanding but I know OPTIZMO is solving for a lot of that right now”

We discuss what he is excited about in 2023. “I’m excited to see companies start to ramp again. Although we are seeing a lot of layoffs in tech, I don’t see a shrinking going on in budget. I still think people need their budgets to go further, so they’re spending more but not necessarily on headcount. That’s great for us marketers because that’s where they’re going to put their money for growth”

Matt also touches on the effectiveness of Affiliate marketing -“I just read a stat on the Performance Marketing Industry Study that on average Affiliate marketing is producing a 12:1 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), so I put $1 in and I get $12 back?! What other marketing channel is doing that right now?”

Finally, Matt touches on best practices in the Affiliate Marketing space with what he calls “The Momma Rule.”

“If you wouldn’t spam your momma, don’t spam anybody else. The Momma Rule applies to everything in marketing. If you wouldn’t market it to your mom, don’t do it. If you wouldn’t want your mom to know what you do, DON’T DO IT!”

You can also check out that original 2020 interview below!

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