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Improve Your Email Sender Reputation in Three Steps – Forbes

Published on 7/8/19 on

Over the years, email marketing as a channel has evolved right along with the entire digital marketing ecosystem. One challenge that has emerged for email marketers is getting emails into their recipients’ inboxes. This aspect of the email campaign process is called email deliverability, which is based on a measurement of the percentage of emails from a campaign that is successfully delivered to recipients’ email inboxes.

There are a number of factors that play into a campaign’s level of deliverability, including the quality of your email list, the content of the email itself and the email sender reputation of the company or marketer that is sending the email. In this article, we’ll focus on email sender reputation — what it is, how it is involved in deliverability and how to improve or maintain a good reputation score.

Your email sender reputation is a score assigned to your company or organization once it’s identified as a sender of email by the internet service provider (ISP). The sender score is used as part of the ISP’s algorithms that decide what to do with each email that is being sent to a recipient inbox on its network. Put simply, a higher score means it is more likely the ISP will deliver the email to the inbox. Similarly, a lower score (especially if it is below the minimum level determined by the ISP) could lead to the ISP sending the email to a recipient’s spam folder or simply refusing to deliver it at all.  

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