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Who we are:

Founded in 2010, Forensiq is the most established fraud detection company in the performance marketing space with products built to protect advertisers, networks, and agencies from all the latest threats in the partner marketing world. 

Our fraud fighting technology helps companies minimize wasted spend, chargeback for fraudulent traffic, and grow their businesses with confidence knowing they have a hedge against fraud.

What we do: 

Forensiq’s industry accredited solution automates the detection, prevention, and suppression of all the major fraud types that target players involved in performance marketing including: 

  • Fake Conversions / Leads (CPA / CPL) – Conversions / Leads events with no real user or intent behind them generated by bots or fraudsters who leverage stolen / recycled data to complete a form fill while spoofing their device and connection characteristics to avoid detection.
  • Attribution Fraud (CPS / CPA / CPI) –  Real sales and conversions by human users where the attribution for that event is being stolen by a fraudster who relies on a variety of exploits to the last click model. This is an extremely prevalent form of fraud because it is often times the most difficult for buyers to detect. 
  • Fake Installs (CPI) – Installs events with no real user or intent behind them generated by botnets of emulated devices or click farms of real people paid to download apps. This form of fraud relies on the ability to proxy their traffic to residential IP addresses and spoof their device information to fool buyers.

Forensiq stops fraud at all points in the marketing funnel from impressions to conversions, scoring billions of monthly events across all device types, which contribute to our vast fraud intelligence database. 

Our key features/benefits: 

For Advertisers and Agencies

  • Protect your CPA / CPL / CPI buys from all the major forms of performance fraud
  • Chargeback and scrub fraudulent actions from your payouts with ease
  • Fuel exponential growth and work with more partners than ever with Forensiq acting as your firewall from fraud

For Networks and Suppliers

  • Isolate and remove sources of fraud across your supply path 
  • Rapidly onboard new traffic sources with an objective lens into the quality of their traffic
  • Avoid chargebacks from your buyers and improve continuity with advertisers

Easy Integration

  • Activate Forensiq with a few clicks inside of your tracking platform
  • Block fraudulent clicks in real time by setting risk thresholds

Advanced Fraud Fighting Technology

  • Protect your CPA / CPL / CPI campaigns from fake leads, conversions & installs and identify stolen attribution
  • Largest global performance fraud intelligence database on the market

Data Transparency that Empowers Chargebacks

  • Real time reporting dashboard with 10+ reason codes to explain fraud risk
  • Access log-level downloads for chargebacks and data ingestion
  • Drill into Sources and Sub-Sources to identify the root cause of your fraud problems

Industry’s Best Customer Support

  • Global Support team covering North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC
  • Dedicated account management and technical support for each client 

How to get started:  

Protecting your budget from fraudsters is easier than ever because of Forensiq’s seamless integration with all major performance tracking platforms including Cake, Everflow and Tune. All you need to do is reach out to or request a demo via our website.

For qualified businesses, we offer a 7-day audit of our technology to prove how we can protect your bottom line!

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