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Companies need to take every opportunity to get a leg up on competitors when it comes to pushing an aggressive and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Email data management and email acquisition is a crucial aspect of how businesses can maintain communications with current clients and further the relationship at intervals throughout the business quarter. However, there are mixed opinions of the effectiveness of email acquisition, and organizations willing to engage in these business strategies should weigh the potential risks in relation to possible rewards.

The most crucial law, the CAN-SPAM Act, ensures that all communications from companies have opt-out links, and that any individual who does choose to opt-in understands that an agreement to receive marketing materials has been made. Due to these legal restrictions, companies should be cautious when contacting individuals whose email has been acquired from a third party. Giving recipients control is a good strategy for planning these types of communications.

Advertising on web media helps cultivate close close relationships with business partners. As such, there may be methods of attracting web traffic from associated websites and drawing visitors to email lists by offering some kind of incentive such as a gift card or a discount code for services or goods.

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