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Originally posted on the Performance Marketing Association website on Sept. 21 here

The Performance Marketing Association Compliance Council revealed the results of its recent survey on AI and Affiliate Marketing with a free LinkedIn webinar. The new survey and webinar were a follow-up to a previous survey and webinar conducted back in April. The Council wanted to highlight how quickly the discussion has moved from “How are we using AI?” to “How are we now dealing with all of the AI use?” as the adoption of AI in various aspects of affiliate marketing continues to grow. 

If you missed the webinar, no worries! You can click here to view the replay on LinkedIn.

Topics discussed on the webinar included:

  • How affiliate marketers are currently using AI
  • Changes in the survey results since April
  • Who owns AI-generated content?
  • Court cases and the regulatory landscape around AI-generated content
  • How retailers and networks should be responding to AI
  • The potential for future AI-related laws at the state and federal level

One of the most interesting data points from the surveys was the change in the number of affiliate marketers now leveraging AI. In April, 31% of survey respondents were not yet using AI. By September, that number had reduced to 6%, meaning that 94% of affiliate marketers who took the survey are now making at least some use of AI. Despite or because of that massive adoption, marketers are concerned about future legal developments involving AI. Specifically, 63% of respondents were concerned about disputes over who owns AI-generated content.

The webinar included various members of the PMA Compliance Council bringing expertise in different aspects of the industry. The presenters included: 

  • Tom Wozniak, OPTIZMO
  • Gary Kibel, Davis+Gilbert
  • Jeannine Crooks, Awin
  • Rebecca Stern, Awin/ShareASale
  • Tricia Meyer, PMA

The PMA promises to deliver more content around AI and its continuing impact on digital and affiliate marketing going forward. So, stay tuned for more webinars and surveys!

If you’re interested in some perspectives on AI from various OPTIZMO clients and partners, check out this recent episode of the ComplianceCast (AI: An Industry’s Evolution). You can also check out all our video content in our video library!

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