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The newest episode in your favorite series is back! (No, we’re not The Walking Dead.) It’s the ComplianceCast of course! In this episode, several affiliate marketing industry all-stars explore the ever-expanding realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and the massive impact it’s having on digital marketing and other sectors.  

The convos highlight how AI is becoming a true game-changing disruptor, beginning to turn industries upside down in ways we’ve never seen before. Thanks to some mind-blowing advancements in its tech, businesses, big and small, can now craft high-quality websites and boost their traffic with AI-powered tools.

The interviews also highlight the many ways AI is helping marketers, from getting to know your audience and zeroing in on them, to managing bids and even creating podcast avatars. Everyone we spoke with agreed that we’re in the early days of AI’s impact and that businesses are in for quite a ride in the months and years ahead. Plus, they’re expecting a surge in creative uses for AI, like customer service call centers leveling up to AI-made voices that’ll sound like real-life reps. But hold unbridled enthusiasm.

Along with these opportunities, there are more than a few uncertainties popping up about things like – who owns all that AI-created content and the crazy complexity of the algorithms used by platforms like OpenAI’s GPT-4. The consensus is that companies need to take a hard look at their artificial intelligence game plans, recognizing that AI has the power to transform industries and make some serious changes to how they get things done.

Thanks a bunch for tuning in to our latest episode! If you’re itching for more great videos and insights, just hit this link and dive into our other ComplianceCast episodes and full video library. You know it’s gonna be a blast, so don’t miss out! 

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