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The OPTIZMO™ team is back from a great week in London for Affiliate Summit Europe.  I wanted to put together a quick recap of the event, especially for people that attend the U.S. events every year, but may not have made the trip across the Atlantic for the European version.  

How is it different from the Las Vegas and New York Events?

A few things stood out as making this event different from the U.S. Affiliate Summit shows.  Not surprisingly, it was smaller.  Although, at over 1,600 attendees it surpassed expectations for the first time the event has been in Europe in 11 years.  The event was also a bit shorter, at about 1½ days from keynote to closing sessions.  Content-wise, there was more focus on topics specifically related to the region.  But, common threads included the Meet Market, a great opening night party, and plenty of great networking opportunities.  

Are attendees all from European countries?

It was a really interesting mix of countries.  As you would expect, there were plenty of European companies in attendance, along with plenty of folks from the U.S.  But, I was surprised at some of the attendees from Latin America and Asia.  The official breakdown of the top 10 countries by number of attendees was:

  1. United States
  2. Israel       
  3. Germany       
  4. Netherlands       
  5. Spain       
  6. Italy       
  7. India       
  8. Canada       
  9. Cyprus       
  10. Bulgaria

What was the hot topic at #ASEURO18?

This is an easy one.  The biggest topic was the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which goes into effect on May 25, 2018 and will impact any company that gathers, stores, or processes personally identifiable data from EU citizens.  We’ll be publishing quite a bit of information regarding the GDPR and how it impacts US marketers in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned!

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