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We’re back with another episode of OPTIZMO’s ComplianceCast 2022! This week, we feature a convo with affiliate marketing industry OG Jeannine Crooks from AWIN

Our head of marketing, Tom Wozniak, has known Jeannine for years and they caught up on what’s happening in the industry and some challenges facing marketers on the compliance front. Tom and Jeannine serve on the Performance Marketing Association Compliance Committee, so they always have plenty to chat about when it comes to industry and affiliate compliance. 

Jeannine, a seasoned affiliate marketing professional with AWIN Affiliate Network, shared her insights on the affiliate marketing industry based on her experience attending 35 consecutive Affiliate Summits. As the largest affiliate network in the US and the world, AWIN has a strong position in the market, and Jeannine has witnessed how affiliate marketing can genuinely transform people’s lives.

According to Jeannine, two significant developments are taking place in the affiliate marketing space. Firstly, the upcoming elimination of third-party cookies requires businesses to work with partners having the right technology to handle the shift. Failure to adapt may lead to adverse impacts on the industry.

Secondly, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing to release new disclosure guidelines, emphasizing marketing aimed at children. The FTC believes that young audiences may not truly be able to analyze what an offer is from advertisers. For marketers targeting children, it’s crucial to keep this in mind and proceed with caution.

If you’re new to our ComplianceCast video series, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you! It’s been such a blast putting together these informative episodes, hosted by our amazing OPTIZMO team members. So, make sure to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, relax, and join us in exploring the fascinating world of email marketing and compliance. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these! If you did miss any previous episodes, check out our video library here.

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