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The Phased Rollout of ACCESS is Underway!

Over the past year, we have been having discussions with numerous Advertisers, Networks, Partners, and Mailers regarding ways to address the need for enhanced data security, as rules and regulations around data privacy continue to evolve and become more stringent. 

 Incorporating all this input, our developers have been working on a modification to the way Mailers access Suppression Lists and Opt-Out Links through SUPPRESS. The process change will require Mailers to create a login with OPTIZMO to access Mailer Access Key (MAK) pages. It will also involve a redesign to those Campaign access pages that will now exist behind the new Mailer login. This new Mailer workflow is called ACCESS. 

The rollout of ACCESS will be done in phases, activating the new workflow on an Advertiser by Advertiser basis at the account level. The rollout began on January 15, 2020, with a group of select Advertiser accounts. A slowly phased rollout will continue, with new Advertisers being added each week until ACCESS has been deployed for all OPTIZMO clients. Account owners will be notified via email when ACCESS has been activated in their accounts.

During the phased rollout, Mailers may be exposed to ACCESS for some of their Campaigns, while others continue using the legacy MAK pages. However, once a mailer has created their login, new MAK pages will simply become available within their ACCESS account as more Advertisers and Campaigns are deployed on the system.  

A few key things to note. 

  • The only change for Mailers is the need to create an ACCESS username and password. This login will provide access to all MAK pages for Campaigns they are authorized to run within SUPPRESS.

  • The login session will be persistent so that once a Mailer logs in once, they shouldn’t be required to log in each time they view a MAK page.

  • This change will not impact Mailers who are using our API to access this information currently.

  • ACCESS will also have no effect on tracking systems (HitPath, Cake, Everflow, etc.). 

 For more information, you can find several articles about ACCESS in our Help Center.

ACCESS Help Center Articles

 If you have any questions around ACCESS, please email us at

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