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Published on the Adotas on 12/14/2018

The most compelling email creative, engaging offer, and brilliant call-to-action can still fail to produce any response, if no one opens the email in the first place. There’s good reason that email marketers focus a great deal of their attention on Open Rates. It really is as simple as the fact that if a recipient doesn’t open an email, they can’t respond or click a link and generate a conversion.

Open rates vary by industry, type of email, etc. But, recent studies (including one by MailChimp in April, 2018) show average open rates of around 21% across all types of marketing emails and industries. Whether your average open rates are above average or below, it’s safe to say that most email marketers are interested in getting more recipients to open their next email.

There are any number of articles, white papers, guides, and other types of content that provide strategies and tactics to improve open rates. So, here are just a few to consider when planning your next email campaign…

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