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Check out our guest post Published on the Madrivo blog on 9/5/2018

For an email campaign to be successful, one of the first things that needs to happen (after delivery to the inbox) is for recipients to actually open your message. It’s hard to drive a new site visit, let alone a lead or sale, if your audience simply deletes your email without ever opening it. Recent studies suggest the average open rate for commercial email (across all industries) is about 21%. But, whether your average open rates are already above the average or you’re still working to reach that number, most email marketers are interested in getting more recipients to open their next email.

There is no shortage of tactics to help increase open rates, but here are just a few to keep in mind when you’re planning your next campaign.

1.Deliver a Killer Subject Line

This is probably the most obvious tactic for increasing open rates, and with good reason. There are only two pieces of information that a recipient is likely to see before making a decision to open, file, or delete an email (along with the sender name). With this being the case, the subject line is your best chance to catch attention and entice a recipient to open your email. There are numerous guides, white papers, and entire books written on how to create the perfect subject line. So, I won’t attempt an in-depth analysis here, but three things to keep in mind.

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