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Guest Post by:  Rebecca Felker, PR and Branding Coordinator, Madrivo

Engaging your clients throughout the customer lifecycle is crucial to gaining new ones and retaining them. Keeping them engaged will not only increase brand loyalty, it will increase the lifetime value of the customer.

Before we get into the to do’s of lifecycle email marketing, let’s take a quick look at the 5 basic stages of the customer journey:


Also known as the discovery or awareness phase, this is where the customer journey begins. At this stage you provide them with the information and resources they are asking for before they even ask, building trust and confidence to move them to the next stage.

2. Acquisition

Now that the customer is aware of your business, this is when you can initiate contact and turn them into a lead.

3. Conversion

This is where your prospect becomes a customer. This phase is not just about selling the product or service, but also selling your relationship with the customer.

4. Retention

You sealed the deal and they are now a paying customer, but the road doesn’t stop here. This may be the second most important stage of the lifecycle after converting them to a customer. This is where building a strong relationship with your customers is crucial.

5. Loyalty

This point in the customer journey is where they become your brand advocates, helping you spread awareness and recommending your product or service to family and friends.

According to Kapow, customer experience generates 60% higher profits than their competitors. Now that we’ve identified each phase of the customer journey, let’s look at 3 ways you can keep your customers engaged during these stages.

1.Welcome email

The welcome email is your opportunity to make the new customer feel appreciated and it also sets the tone for the rest of your communication with them through the lifecycle stages. This email should confirm the reason they decided to purchase your product or service and establish trust. Also, don’t forget that is a great time to personalize your communication with them and share links to your social media accounts to keep them engaged on other channels.

2. Retention email

Keeping your customers engaged and interested is half the battle, but creating useful and informative retention emails can help. These types of emails can range from offering help or educating on a specific topic, to asking for feedback or product and service improvements.

3. Loyalty email

We often don’t say thank you enough. Being a long-time subscriber and receiving a birthday greeting or a thank you out of the blue will not only surprise your customers, but it will also make them feel special and appreciated. Nurturing customers in this way will lead to repeat purchases. These emails do not have to be elaborate; conveying your gratitude in a personalized message will go a long way.

How are you engaging your customers throughout their customer lifecycle?

Guest Post by:  Rebecca Felker, PR and Branding Coordinator, Madrivo

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