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2020 Email Opt-Out Infographic

A Look at How a Tumultuous Year Impacted Email Opt-Out activity


Since 2018, we have been releasing annual Email Opt-Out Infographics, covering various facets of email Opt-Out Behavior across the industry. While every new year brings changes to the email marketing and overall digital marketing industries, 2020 was a year unlike any we have seen before.  

We know that many industries experienced significant or massive disruption to business-as-usual in 2020, which tended to put even more emphasis on digital marketing in general and individual channels like email specifically.

Many industry reports show that email marketing activity showed significant growth in 2020, with companies devoting more marketing budget to the channel than ever before. As more marketing emails are sent, more Opt-Outs are generated and we certainly saw that increase in activity across the OPTIZMO platform in 2020.

As we began analyzing the data for our latest Email Opt-Out Infographic, we were particularly interested in looking at how email recipient behavior may have changed in comparison to 2019 and to trends that had been established over the past few years. 

How would having so many people working from home impact behavior? What about when you extend that stay-at-home behavior toward entertainment, shopping, and other behaviors that were previously done outside the home?

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2020 Email Opt-Out Infographic

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