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By Tom Wozniak, Chief Operating Officer – published on Forbes on 1/05/24

’Tis the season … for pundits and digital marketing industry experts to come out with lots of forecasts and predictions for 2024. Far be it for me to skip out on the annual exercise, so here is my take on some larger trends in the digital marketing industry over the coming year and tips on how marketers can take advantage of or adapt to the changes. I decided to focus on three main areas where I anticipate a lot happening that will impact marketers regularly.

AI Takes The Next Step

It’s pretty safe to say that AI will evolve and be a key driver of change for marketers in 2024, but here are three particular things to watch out for.

Next-Gen…erative AI: All the 2023 experimentation with ChatGPT and Bard will lead to some real advancements. All those people kicking the tires on generative AI and prompting it to answer questions or create a wide variety of content have helped AI companies push their tools forward. Expect them to leap forward in the ability to tailor responses to the users more easily.

Individualized AI Assistants: Users will be able to train their AI iteration so that they can learn how to deliver the right content, written in the company’s voice, and also take on other tasks. The concept of a highly functional AI assistant is right around the corner, helping with various routine tasks like scheduling.

AI Costs Increase: Well we all knew that the era of nearly free AI tools had to come to an end eventually. So, expect AI companies to start charging higher costs to use their platforms, as they begin to shift from beta mode to becoming profitable businesses.

As marketers, 2024 will be a time to more critically examine the value proposition for AI in all facets of the digital marketing operation. Look for ways to leverage evolving capabilities in content creation and more operational areas, but start taking current and future costs into account as you plan for the future.

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Tom Wozniak heads up Marketing and Communications as the COO for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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