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Using Negative Marketing Signals and Campaign Analytics to Excel in Email Marketing

This Webinar was originally streamed on June 22nd, 2023. Click this link to watch the full webinar on LashBack’s website!

Join us for an enlightening webinar where LashBack and OPTIZMO pull back the curtain on real-world email compliance data and insights, all aimed at catapulting your campaign planning and optimization into the future. This knowledge-packed webinar is headlined by Tom Wozniak, COO of OPTIZMO Technologies, and Kerianne Gilmartin, Sales Manager from LashBack, and builds on their joint presentation from MailCon 2023.

In their conversation, they navigate the hurdles that abound in the email marketing terrain, arming marketers with actionable insights to keep you one step ahead. Among the challenges explored is the emergence of AI, constantly evolving privacy regulations, ongoing changes to performance tracking, and the ins and outs of email deliverability.

Check-in on the webinar to harness crucial knowledge on email marketing compliance and leading practices. 

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