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AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – February 15, 2011) – OPTIZMO™ Technologies launched their new, fully automated alert notification system for email suppression list management, coined Email Brand Manager®, designed for both Email Advertisers and Affiliate Networks. In an effort to open the lines of communication between Advertisers who own the offers and partners who send them, Email Brand Manager® allows the end user to notify ALL players of the infraction, or potential risk factors, real time, directly from the OPTIZMO system.

The Red Zone — Although consumer complaints and recipient feedback are nothing new, this data has not been utilized to its full potential by the email marketing industry as a whole. Given that brand reputation protection is becoming more critical to the success of email marketing campaigns and due to numerous requests from Email Advertisers, Affiliate Networks, Ad Agencies, and Mailers, OPTIZMO decided to fulfill the need and develop an advanced automated alert notification system, taking the concept to the next level.

Moving the Marker — Not only does Email Brand Manager® provide detailed alert profiles for recipient complaints and feedback, non-compliance, and seed address hits but on a granular level, Email Brand Manager® transcends the relational hierarchy and provides data specific to each Advertiser, Suppression List, Campaign, Mailer, and Mailer within a Campaign. This means OPTIZMO clients, Advertisers and Networks, can filter complaints/alerts for any one Mailer as well as view complaints for each Mailer inside a single Campaign, giving clients detailed insight into how their brand is being represented and an opportunity to contact the Mailer directly with any concerns.

“As regulatory agencies are becoming more focused on isolating abuse issues, as Advertisers are making efforts to limit their liability, and as Networks and Agencies are collaborating to identify risks that directly affect the sustainability of their email efforts, OPTIZMO is receiving requests to provide more transparency in areas other providers have neglected. Email Brand Manager® provides that transparency,” said Khris Thayer, OPTIZMO Technologies’ CEO and Co-Founder.

Strategy — With the implementation of this feature, OPTIZMO clients can expect much more insight into how their email partners are interacting with their suppression lists and ultimately how their brand integrity is impacted relative to their email efforts. Inline with their long term strategy of providing next-generation solutions in email compliance, this looks like it could be a touch down not only for OPTIZMO clients but also the email marketing industry since its usage could have a beneficial ripple effect throughout all segments.

About Optizmo
OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC is a web-based application, providing advertisers and affiliate networks a cutting edge online solution for managing email suppression lists and email marketing campaigns. OPTIZMO’s focus is not only on email efficiency, CAN-SPAM email compliance and consumer data security, but also usability, cost savings and the future of Web 2.0.


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