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By Jacob Dearstyne, CRO – published on Forbes on 5/30/23

It’s no secret that technology directly fuels growth and revenue. It’s crucial for sales teams to keep up with the latest technology tools available, or they’ll quickly fall behind. The right tech stack can help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately lead to higher sales and revenue—and, likely, a happier sales team.

Let’s explore six steps you can take to uncover where your teams’ needs may lie and the types of tools that warrant consideration when looking to bolster an enterprise-level sales team’s arsenal.

While it may seem strange given its prevalence in the headlines today, I’m not going to include AI-related tools here, as they are largely still in their infancy, and licensing options for full organizations are nearly nonexistent. AI is undoubtedly going to fit into an individual sales persons day-to-day in a variety of ways as the tech evolves, and we better learn how to deploy it. But for today, I want to focus more on team-wide implementation strategy.

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Jacob Dearstyne is the CRO at OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC, overseeing the company’s global sales and strategic partnership initiatives.

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