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Since 2019, we’ve been releasing annual Opt-Out infographics to better understand email opt-out behaviors via device, time, geographic location, and other factors. With the pandemic having altered the digital landscape, OPTIZMO’s 2023 Email Opt-Out Infographic sheds light on the continuing evolution in email opt-out activity since that global event. Check out the infographic to see how things have continued to change or go back to pre-pandemic ‘normal’.

Key Takeaways from the 2023 Infographic:

1. Geographical Shifts: The United States continues to lead in opt-out activity, however, we saw a significant uptick in international activity, particularly from Europe.

2. Email Domain: Yahoo! has dethroned Gmail as the leading domain for opt-out activity, retaking the top position that it had previously held for multiple years.

3. Weekday Trends: The spike in opt-out activity on Thursday in the 2022 infographic, instigated by a major inbox provider’s technical hiccup, briefly disrupted the long-standing pattern of higher opt-outs on Mondays. In 2023, Monday has retaken its place as the most active day of the week for opt-outs.

4. Device Usage: Following some drops in usage during the pandemic, mobile devices have returned to the pre-pandemic trend of an increasing percentage of opt-out activity compared to desktops.

Opt-Out Behavior

As we parse through the wherewhen, and what of opt-out actions detailed in our infographic, several compelling stories emerge—highlighting not just how recipients are choosing to opt-out, but also offering a mirror to broader shifts in digital engagement and technology use.

The data and trends highlighted in the 2023 Email Opt-Out Infographic deepen the understanding of recipient behavior in a post-pandemic world. By weaving these insights into your email marketing strategies, you can begin looking at opt-outs not just as a negative marketing signal, but also as an indicator of when and how recipients are actively curating their inboxes.

Download your free copy of the 2023 Email Opt-Out Infographic today by filling out the form below! And, if you’d like to read a summary of the initial findings in this year’s infographic, take a look at this OnlyInfluencers Article written by our COO, Tom Wozniak.

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