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All of our clients, partners, and friends in the industry know that OPTIZMO’s success is built not just on industry-leading technology, but also on a unique team. Our ‘family’ of smart, driven, and extremely fun folks is one of the things that sets us apart in the industry. While you’ve probably gotten to know some of the crew from working together or meeting at industry events over the years, we wanted to give you the chance to meet our team on a more personal level. So, we’re excited to release the next episode in our Meet the Team video series! This time, we put the spotlight on Jake Dearstyne, our Chief Revenue Officer, resident foodie, and sneaker fan.


If you’ve watched any of our many, many video releases over the years, you know that we always put a little OPTIZMO magic into these projects, making them far more than your standard corporate videos. With our Meet the Team series, we took the approach of making every video truly unique to the team member being featured. So, get ready for a deep dive into all things Jake! You’ll learn about his love for taking adventures through the culinary landscapes of cities, countries, and continents. His passion for cultural connection, believing that learning about the ways people around the world live, eat, and celebrate life is a way to truly understand different cultures. 

You’ll also learn about Jake’s side hustle – he’s the go-to middle-aged guy pet sitter on Rover for the Charleston area. Anyone who knows Jake knows how much he loves our four-legged family members. So, as side hustles go, this one is right up his alley. 

But, we don’t want to spoil the whole story, so check out Jake’s Meet the Team video and get to know why we think he’s a pretty great dude. 

You can also circle back and watch the first episode in our Meet the Team series, where we featured our CEO, Co-Founder, lead singer, and boat captain, Khris Thayer!

Then, if these videos whet your appetite, check out our full Video Library for our CompianceCast series, music videos (not kidding, we have a few of them) and so much more!

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