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“Just being in the ocean brings me back to center. When I look out and I see this vast landscape of water and how large and big it is, for some reason, it just helps me realize; You know what? There’s so much more in life than what you’re stressing about right now.” – Brian Culp

Hot on the heels of our last episode, next up in our Meet The Team video series is none other than our Director of Sales and Client Services, Brian Culp! So, press play and get to know Brian the family man, soccer dad, surfer, and dedicated member of the OPTIZMO leadership team. 

Brian’s focus on his clients is a HUGE factor in why OPTIZMO is known as such a customer-centric company. When it comes to our clients and partners, Brian is all about creating meaningful connections and delivering incredible customer support. 

But, anyone who works with Brian knows all about his dedication to the company and our partners. What you may not know is how Brian approaches life, keeping things in perspective and focusing on his health and family. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Brian paddling his board out into the waves near Charleston, SC. Catching some waves and just appreciating the vastness of the ocean is how he stays centered and focused on things that matter.

When he’s not working or hanging ten, Brian values time with his family, getting his daughter to soccer practice and tournaments, and soaking up all the rewards of being a dedicated dad and husband. 

But don’t just take our word for it, get the full picture by checking out Brian’s episode!

You can also check out the other entries in our Meet The Team series in our Video Library. Previous episodes feature our CEO, Khris Thayer, and our CRO, Jake Dearstyne. Next up will be a focus on our COO, Tom Wozniak! Stay tuned!

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