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Guess what? We’re back with another fantabulous episode of ComplianceCast featuring Lizzie DeVito from AXAD Capital! In this episode, Lizzie dives into the rapidly changing world of email marketing, which, let’s face it, is looking pretty different, especially for those new-generation users.

Lizzie shares insights from her experience, including the challenges of engaging younger generations who practically only check their email if they absolutely need to. But, that’s no reason for email marketers to throw in the towel, Instead, we should try to understand the shifting landscape and build on it to provide better, more engaging, and more compliant services that cater to users’ evolving preferences.

And for anyone that thinks email hasn’t really changed since the ’90s and is on the verge of extinction? Lizzie begs to differ! (We do too!) With the right tools (like the gold standard, OPTIZMO), email marketers can stay compliant while adapting to new techs and trends. Also, why not use email in conjunction with other channels – after all, it’s all about giving people what they want, when they want it, right?

So hold on tight, folks! As we continue to ride the wave of changing email habits, ComplianceCast will be right there with you, taking on the exciting challenges of the future! Keep tuning in, and let’s see where the email adventure takes us!

And, in case you missed an episode, check out our full video library by clicking this link.

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