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Every year, our leadership team holds a ‘Board Meeting’ where important business decisions are made, strategy is discussed, and plans for the future are made. However, in true OPTIZMO fashion, we take ‘board meetings’ to a different level, putting our own spin on the traditional business meeting. This year we decided to record a video so you can see just what an OPTIZMO board meeting looks like. And we know what you’re thinking, “Okay, what’s the big deal? Lots of companies have board meetings why would you make a video on that?” Normally, you’d be right, but our leadership team takes board meetings literally, which means actual boards… snowboards, that is. 

Filmed in the beautiful mountains of Taos, New Mexico, check out some videos of various members of our leadership team getting in some turns on one of our favorite resorts! Since we didn’t get any fresh powder this year, we’ll just have to shoot another video at next year’s board meeting to make it a little more Warren Miller-like. 

For more great episodes like this, check out our full Video Library Here or check out our YouTube channel! If you want to get to know our leadership team better, be sure to watch our Meet the Team series.


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