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Continuing to ride the ASW train in our ComplianceCast series, up next we had the pleasure of putting Garth Harris, the General Manager of CAKE, in the spotlight. As a recurring guest of our series, Garth shared his insights on all the best and worst Las Vegas has to offer to ASW attendees. 

During this episode, Garth covers new developments and challenges within affiliate marketing, highlighting the significant transition away from digital marketing’s long reliance on third-party cookies for tracking, due to evolving compliance and privacy standards and browser requirements. Despite these changes, Garth remains optimistic about the industry’s resilience and ability to adapt and thrive.

Aside from business, you know our new ComplianceCast series also includes some fun, quick-hitting questions about the best places to socialize, network, and dine during Affiliate Summit. Starting by learning Garth’s favorite cocktail, which is a classic but with a smokey twist. Plus, Garth not only provides his thoughts on one hotel where you shouldn’t book a stay in Vegas but also what you shouldn’t bring if you happen to find yourself there. Travel agents take note! 

Jokes aside, Garth emphasized that despite being the GM of CAKE, he is still passionate about taking clients through onboarding, helping them grow, and seeing them succeed in the long term. We also discussed his thoughts on the impact of AI and other topics around the affiliate and partner marketing industry. 

Don’t miss out on all of the above, plus some fun behind-the-scenes details from Affiliate Summit West. Watch this latest ComplianceCast episode now!

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