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Pull up a chair and join us for another episode of ComplianceCast, where we interview our clients, partners, and friends in the industry, discuss changes in the email and digital marketing landscape, and always have some fun along the way. This time, we’re sharing the screen with our old friend, Bryan Jenkins, the Director of Sales for EmailOversight. Bryan has been a fixture in the email marketing arena for many years, but you’ll get a kick out of how he describes himself! Self-deprecating jokes aside, being a very seasoned attendee of Affiliate Summit West, he knows a thing or two about the best and less-than-best things that Las Vegas has to offer. 

It’s well known that Affiliate Summit has always been a hub for networking. In his episode, Bryan sheds light on the shift from the traditional conference setup to the more dynamic “meet-market” style of networking delivered by the event today. As a regular ASW attendee, he shares why he believes mingling with new players and reconnecting with veterans in the compressed, higher-energy setting offers unmatched value.

Bryan also takes us on a tour through Vegas through his experiences — from his favorite hotel to recollections of an eerie stay at a certain hotel with its ghost-evoking brown furniture. And, of course, we had to ask what his favorite spot is to clink glasses and make connections during ASW (you’ll never guess) — a bar that’s become an unofficial extension of Affiliate Summit.  

In between swapping Vegas stories, we tackle topics like AI and what Bryan’s most excited about in 2024. Don’t miss this interview to catch up on all things Affiliate Summit West, EmailOversight, and plenty of laughs along the way. 

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