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Roll out the red carpet and get ready to mingle with some of the best minds in digital and affiliate marketing! The latest episode of the ComplianceCast series from Affiliate Summit West 2024 is ready to roll! We decided to mix it up a little to kick off 2024, with some quick-hitting questions to keep our interview subjects on their toes. This episode features Ashleigh Arnaud, Founder and CEO of Pubflow Consulting. Our new Q&A format brings you an insider’s look at how ASW attendees feel about the show and the whole Vegas experience that we’ve all come to love year-after-year-after-year, etc! LOL! 

Like many other veterans at ASW, Ashleigh’s no stranger to Vegas and we wanted to get some insider tips on everything the city has to offer. Think you know the best place to grab a great meal in Vegas? Maybe it’s a certain sushi spot dawning a Michelin star Ahsleigh’s fond of. Best place to grab a drink and network with the ASW crowd? This one won’t come as a surprise to many of you who book meetings away from the show floor and also happens to be one of our favorite spots. She also recommended a place you might not be familiar with that’s a little less crowded, but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is.

As everyone knows, Vegas isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and we didn’t just want to hear about the good stuff. Everyone has a story of at least one bad place they’ve stayed in Vegas, so you’ll get to know a few places you might or might not want to stay the next time you visit the Strip. 

Putting funny stuff to the side for a moment, after having attended ASW for so many years, we also chatted about her favorite aspects of the conference, her thoughts on where AI is heading, and other exciting things she sees happening in her world in 2024. 

And we’d be remiss not to shine a spotlight on LinkUnite, of which Ashleigh is a proud member and OPTIZMO a proud supporter!

So, for a blend of laughs, Las Vegas lore, and some industry insights, check out our latest ComplianceCast episode. Ashleigh reminds us that amidst the backdrop of Affiliate Summit West, the real jackpot is the relationships we’ve built.

Catch the full episode above and stay tuned for what’s next – because we recorded a LOT of content at ASW and there’s more to come! Don’t forget to check out all the past episodes in our ComplianceCast series on our website or YouTube channel!

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