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By Tom Wozniak, COO – published on Forbes on 9/21/23

Pardon me if you’ve already heard, but AI is kind of a big deal in 2023, especially in email marketing. When major news sites like CNN are publishing a steady stream of stories about the potential (positive or negative) of AI and tools like ChatGPT, you know it’s having its moment in the spotlight, which is likely to last longer than 15 minutes.

Marketers are already very familiar with AI and the ways different tools can impact their campaigns and day-to-day initiatives. Although AI has applications in essentially every marketing channel, the usage varies by the unique qualities of the different media.

One channel with a number of clear uses for AI is email marketing. But, just because it seems clear that a channel can leverage AI technology doesn’t mean that the specific ways in which AI can be incorporated into an email campaign are entirely obvious. So, here are five ways that I’ve found that email marketers can successfully leverage various types of AI tools in their campaigns right now.

1. Audience Targeting Strategy

Before you start planning campaigns and creating email copy, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience(s) and how you might approach each one with different, unique messaging. Marketers have been identifying target audience segments and planning messaging strategies around them for decades, but AI can make the process faster and more efficient than ever before.

Many customer data platforms (CDPs) and email marketing platforms include various machine learning algorithms (which the industry now lumps into the AI arena) that can help marketers identify distinct audience segments within their overall database. But, generative AI tools like ChatGPT can also be a big help here. You can provide the AI with information on your product or service, as well as your existing database demographics, and ask it to help identify specific segments that could warrant distinctive messaging.

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Tom Wozniak is the COO and heads up Marketing and Communications for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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