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 2019 Email Opt-Out Infographic – A look at global email opt-out behavior

In 2018, we released the industry’s first infographic series that looked at global email opt-out behavior. We received a great deal of positive feedback on the value of the data and so, as last year was wrapping up, we began evaluating a new data set from 2019, to compare to the previous year’s data and create a new infographic.

So, we are excited to release our 2019 Email Opt-Out Infographic to provide additional insights by making comparisons to the 2018 data and identify changes and potential trends.   

The new infographic includes aggregated data focusing on three key aspects of every email Opt-Out request:

  • Where the Opt-Out request came from (geography)
  • When the Opt-Out request occurred (time and day)
  • What technology was used to submit the Opt-Out (device type, browser, etc.)

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2019 Email Opt-Out Infographic

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