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OPTIZMO’s 2022 Email Opt-Out Data in a Nutshell

In the past few years, digital marketing as a whole has been disrupted by the pandemic, leading to accelerated growth in many channels, as companies shifted offline marketing budgets to digital at a rapid pace. Email was also a beneficiary of this shift and it was in the Email Opt-Out activity that OPTIZMO processed. With 2022 representing a return to ‘normal’ in many ways, how did that impact Opt-Out activity?

Key Takeaways:

1. After years trying to catch up with Yahoo!, Gmail finally took over as the most active domain for email Opt-Out activity in 2022.

2. The weekday data shows a spike in Opt-Out activity on Thursday, which differs from previous years.

3. Looking at the past 3 years, there is some variance in Opt-Out volume by month. However, 2022 showed a big upswing at the start off the year, before settling in with the rest of the year’s averages until December. 

4. Mobile continues to drive the majority of email Opt-Outs, however, we have seen some interesting shifts in this data in recent years.

5. Safari Mobile has been the top browser for Opt-Out activity since 2018, with Chrome gaining ground.

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