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Guide to Results Driving Email Marketing for 2021

The guide delivers insights and pro tips on building a high performing email marketing program.

The Complete Guide to Results Driving Email Marketing for 2021 includes an overview of the email marketing landscape and a number of tips and recommendations from several email marketing industry experts. 

Everflow and OPTIZMO have teamed up to write this guide for companies who may be interested in adding the email channel to their marketing programs, but might not have the expertise to get the most out of the new channel. OPTIZMO contributed our expert guidance on email marketing compliance and overall best practices for making the channel successful, while Everflow provided insights on the best uses of performance tracking technology.

The guide also includes tips and insights from various a number of experts in the email marketing industry from companies like Diablo Media, LiftLogic, and Zerobounce.

This collaboration resulted in a detailed guide, providing practical recommendations for companies to build new email marketing programs from a strong foundation of compliance and best practices or to ensure their current programs are incorporating the right mix of strategies and tactics to drive success.

The guide covers a variety of topics, including: 

  • Using email marketing for customer retention
  • Establishing an email compliance program
  • An overview on the history of email marketing
  • How email marketing can drive customer acquisition
  • How to leverage affiliates and partners to expand your email marketing strategy

The guide is available on both the Everflow and OPTIZMO websites.   

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    Guide to Results Driving Email Marketing for 2021

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