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Brand Integrity Guide 

6 Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls and How to Steer Clear of Them

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Affiliate marketing can be a powerful addition to any company’s marketing program and is successfully used by brands around the world. However, like any marketing channel, it comes with challenges.

OPTIZMO teamed up with performance marketing software provider, CAKE, as co-authors of this guide to help companies identify and overcome challenges to their brand integrity that can arise when leveraging affiliates and other third-party partners within their marketing programs.

The guide focuses on 6 common challenges or pitfalls that advertisers need to avoid when building and managing their affiliate marketing programs and then provides useful strategies and tactics for addressing them. These pitfalls include:

  • Manually monitoring compliance programs
  • Allowing affiliates to deviate from brand guidelines
  • Overlooking consumer privacy requirements
  • Working with the wrong partners
  • Failing to effectively combat ad fraud
  • Relying on unstable or substandard technology

The guide should be useful for any company that is currently engaged in affiliate marketing or just considering adding this channel to their marketing strategy.

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Brand Integrity Guide

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