Managed Domain & IP Service

Easily obtain and provision additional Opt-Out Domains directly within the SUPPRESS platform.

Why your Opt-Out Domain and IP Address Matter

One key aspect of any email compliance process is the use of Opt-Out Domains and the IP Addresses where the Opt-Out Pages reside. At least one Opt-Out Domain and associated IP Address are necessary for the collection and processing of Opt-Out requests. These are provided as a part of every SUPPRESS account.

Many Advertisers use a single Opt-Out Domain across all of their Mailer partners. While this setup is the simplest, there are advantages to taking a more security conscious approach. Having a functioning Opt-Out Link (associated with the Opt-Out Domain) is vital to effective email compliance. One way to ensure the security of the Opt-Out Link is to protect it from any potential 3rd party influence or compromise.

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Impact of a Compromised Opt-Out Domain

Having an Opt-Out Domain compromised due to various outside influences can have a detrimental impact on not only email compliance, but also overall email campaign performance. While issues with the security of an Opt-Out Domain may not actually impact the function of the associated Opt-Out Link, there is a strong belief among numerous marketers that it may negatively impact campaign deliverability. 

Many Advertisers will use a shared Opt-Out Domain across many or all of their Mailers, as this is the most straightforward setup. However, in this scenario a compromised Opt-Out Domain can have a detrimental effect on overall campaign performance as it affects all Mailers at the same time.

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Opt-Out Domain and IP Address Management Strategies

Similar to Opt-Out Domains, the IP Addresses associated with email marketing can also be compromised by outside influences. So, as a part of using multiple Opt-Out Domains to mitigate the risk of these issues, using multiple, Dedicated IP Addresses can also be highly beneficial in keeping email compliance processes isolated from potential issues. This strategy provides the most brand safe option for clients, by making sure their Opt-Out process has the highest level of security protection from external impact.

Shared Opt-Out Domain & IP Setup

Dedicated Domain & IP Setup

OPTIZMO provides clients with an easy way to obtain and provision Opt-Out Domains and IP Addresses within the SUPPRESS platform, where we take care of all the heavy lifting as a Managed Service. This enables clients to easily implement a Compliance Isolation process, to secure their Opt-Out Domains from outside influence. For pricing details, contact your OPTIZMO account rep or simply reach out to us at