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We’ve had a busy summer, with several industry events opening back up. So, our team has been on the road a fair amount over the past few months. But, as we head into the fall, we thought it was time for another installment in our new Fireside Chat video podcast series. This time around, we’re featuring another great affiliate and email marketing industry veteran – Wade Schlosser, the CEO and Founder of Solvable!

In case you haven’t seen our previous Fireside Chat video, we have our Chief Revenue Officer, Jake Dearstyne, sit down with various industry pros to talk about their thoughts on the digital marketing industry, how they are adapting to the pandemic, their plans for the future, and some general banter and personal stories. 

In this new episode, Jake and Wade discuss how the industry has evolved since they met over a decade ago, the path that Solvable has followed since its inception and where it is headed in the future, how email marketing continues to adapt and grow, and the challenges in running effective and compliant affiliate marketing campaigns amidst changing privacy regulations, brand safety, and fraud detection and prevention. 

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You can also expect more video releases from us in the coming weeks, with a mix of partner features, fun event videos, and a host of updated training videos for our clients and partners! We’re also already planning for some brand new video initiatives for 2022, with our usual mix of fun content with even more thought leadership and expert tips and tactics videos. Stay tuned!

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