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Over the last year, you may have noticed that we’re big fans of video. From our great training video series to get clients and partners up to speed on the OPTIZMO platform and our 2020 partner interview series to our sizzle reel and even a music video, we love using video to really engage with our audiences of clients, partners, industry peers, and friends in the digital marketing arena. We had so much fun sitting down with clients and partners in Las Vegas last year to record our first ever video series, that we decided to double down in 2021. So, while our brand new 20 Questions About 2020 video series has already kicked off this year, we’re also excited to release the first video in another new series, called OPTIZMO Fireside Chats. Just to head off any viewer questions, to date, no OPTIZMO Fireside Chat has actually taken place in front of a fire. But we’re just getting started, so who knows what might come next?

For our first video in the series, OPTIZMO Chief Revenue Officer- Jake Dearstyne, sat down with Atwave CEO Jeff Fisher to catch up on how 2020 impacted their business and the industry as a whole, their recent rebrand to Atwave, and how they drive home the value of email marketing with their clients. It’s a wide-ranging discussion and we hope you enjoy it!

We’re still working out our schedule for additional Fireside Chats this year, and the format is likely to evolve, so stay tuned for more releases in the months ahead! In the meantime, enjoy this great conversation with Jeff Fisher from Atwave!

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